Have you ever seen a mini dancing drone?

The CX-OF from Cheerson Hobby is far interesting beyond your imagination. It is an innovative mini quadcopter with Optical Flow positioning system, which features great hover stability and gesture control mode. Besides, it is equipped with a 0.3MP camera with Wifi FPV function for first-person review. With unique programmable function you can set up the move and the drone will perform stunning aerial dance. This will be a great gift for children.

The mini OF is now can be purchased at Banggood.


Dancing Mode in APP

Dancing Mode – Choreography Function

Users can access to the APP and edit the choreography for the mini CX-OF. Adding the icons which stand for different actions to the timeline of interface, and then you will able to compile the actions in order, including flip, frog jump and flight routes. The mini CX-OF will start to dance according to the actions you’ve set in the timeline. It is a lot of fun with the interactive between player and CX-OF. It also allows the drone LEDs shinning with dancing rhythm, making it a micro dancing drone beyond your imagination.

The APP can be downloaded at Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cx.cxof&hl=en

Functions of the APP:

1.Remote control axis aircraft by mobile.
2.Display the real-time video which taken by the camera on the aircraft,video data transmitted via 2.4G WiFi protocol.
3.Take the photo and video record on mobile.
4. It has strong playability by equipping with game actions function.
5. It is equipped with optical flow system that the flying is more stable.

dancing with CX-OF

CX-OF flys according to APP settings

Optical Flow Positioning

The Mini OF acquires the image data from the camera at the bottom. By using optical flow algorithm, it is able to do real time analysis based on the calculation of two-frame image movements. The effective sensing height is 3 to 5 meters.

Free your hands while doing something else

Move with your hands

Track Flying

Track flying is a new multi-point routing control technology. As long as you touch on APP screen to make a track, the CX-OF will be able to be flown according to the track that you have set in APP.

One Key Operations

The mini CX-OF operation is easy. The one-key operation functions at APP make it easier than any other micro drones. One key take-off, landing and 360 degree flip all can be easily achieved with APP. The APP also supports both IOS and Android.


The mini CX-OF supports 180° rotation of one key self-shooting mode. It is equipped with a 0.3 pixels camera to support both camera and video modes. It also has a high precision air pressure sensor which is able to quickly achieve a precise height setting, makes the shooting more stable, fully meet the requirements for self-shooting.

Self-shooting with 180° rotation

Small and Exquisite Design

The CX-OF is a perfect indoor racer, small and agile. The dimension is 68mm x 68mm x 33mm and the weight is 24 grams only.  Available in red and blue finishes. The transmitter is very simple in design and easy to use.

Built-in battery, 2 hours charging and the flight time can be up to 30 minutes.

Free your hands, more interesting beyond your imagination

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