FPV Model newly released a professional 10x zoom gimbal camera. It is specially designed for search and rescue missions. Only $678.90, it is now available for purchasing at FPV Model.

Rescue-2 is a very versatile tool that can be applied to the vast majority of search and rescue missions due to its size, convenience, and quick deploy time. Using this 10x zoom gimbal will give you a stable eye in the sky that can be controlled via drone pilot or a secondary individual allowing for an overhead view that can cover a large amount of ground quickly and effectively.

The 10x zoom function will allow you to remain at a distance yet zoom closely in on anything that requires your attention. The combined use of video transmitters and receivers will give you a live view back at the mission base and allow for coordinating crews in real time giving an effective means for obtaining the best possible outcome.

Use the aviation material, Basecam SimpleBGC encoder, 1035 wide range lens and many more… The Rescue-2 is able to make the difficult balance between agility and image quality.

Rescue-2 10x Zoom Gimbal Camera Introduction


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